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Buy the GENTOR gasoline 4 stroke 2200 watt generator now and be ready at any time. You may not have decided to buy a gasoline generator yet, however, when the time comes, you will wish you had made this decision sooner. Instead of regretting, go for the generator purchase now and supply power to your appliances as soon as they need it.

Long emergency power supply with the genset

With a full tank, the GENTOR power generator gasoline has an operating time of about 11 hours at half load. At the same time, the 4-stroke generator offers you a maximum output of 2200 watts / 4.8 kW as well as a continuous output of 2000 watts. During this period, you can use the 2x 230 V (AC) & 1x 12 V (DC) contact protection sockets of the generator with gasoline to supply your devices with power.

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