Emergency generator for all and Very easy operation

Buy emergency generator & be ready for anything

In case of power outages and unforeseen problems, GENTOR emergency generator gasoline 2200 watts can help you. Be prepared and don't be surprised by buying your gasoline 4 stroke generator. So you can use the 2x 230 V (AC) & 1x 12 V (DC) sockets of the generator at any time. Provide emergency power when everything fails and use the generator with gasoline No Inverter 4.8 kW.

Much more than a simple gasoline generator

You will thank yourself when it comes down to it, and you have decided to buy the generator. Whether for your garden work, the next outdoor birthday party or even for emergency power, the GENTOR 4 stroke gasoline generator 2200 watts is the savior in need. Make the right decision now and buy the petrol power generator!

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