Buy reed mats online cheap

Buy reed mats online cheap

Quality reed mats are an ingenious addition to your terrace, balcony or even garden. Thanks to the reed mats you can protect I from unwanted glances, as well as from wind and sun. Not to mention that reed mats will give your outdoor areas a stylish look, because you can quickly and easily customize. Opt for the reed mat privacy screen and forget about the environmentally harmful PVC privacy mats.

Natural reed mats for garden, balcony, terrace

Gentor reed mats are made from rapidly renewable reeds. This makes our reed mat privacy screen a sustainable option for anyone looking to protect and visually enhance their garden, balcony or patio. Flexible and durable, Gentor reed mats are the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It's best to see the reed mats for yourself.

Easy & fast installation

The reed mats can be easily attached to the desired location with a rope or even a cord. This way you can quickly and easily remove the reed mats and attach them to another place. The stability of the reed mats themselves is provided by the galvanized wire that holds the natural reed together and allows for maximum flexibility. If you want to attach the reed mat in a different place or remove it completely, this is not a problem.

Shorten & adjust reed mats

In order for the reed mats to perfectly fit your balcony, garden or even patio, you may need to shorten them. This is straightforward, as all you need to do is cut the galvanized wire in the right place to remove any excess reeds. Adjust the reed mats to the given place and then simply fix it with rope or string.

Buy reed mats cheap online

We offer fast order processing, thanks to which you will receive your reed mats soon. Feel free to contact us with any questions or further concerns regarding our products.

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