Privacy screen Gentor PVC strips buy online

The high-quality GENTOR privacy screen made of PVC fabric film ensures that your privacy is protected from unwanted glances and gives your garden, terrace or even balcony a refreshed look. Here at Gentor Outdoor Online Shop you will find privacy screens for every occasion. This is characterized not only by robust material, but also many other useful features that will surely convince you of the fence privacy screen.

Adapt & fix without problems

With a length of 35 meters and practical 19 cm per strip, our Gentor PVC privacy screen garden offers you the perfect dimensions for privacy screen balcony, privacy screen terrace, fence privacy screen and a lot of other applications. You can easily cut the privacy strips to get the length you need. A quick and easy installation process is guaranteed with the included clips. Thus, attach your privacy strips without much effort.

Robust material

Our Gentor privacy screen is made of high quality PVC fabric film. This gives the privacy screen garden crucial properties and sets it apart from conventional PVC privacy screen strips. Among other things, you can expect the Gentor fence privacy screen to be weather-resistant, temperature-resistant, UV-resistant and also easy to maintain. Thanks to these features, the balcony privacy screen is suitable for outdoor areas and will serve you for years without any problems.

Versatile use

Neat privacy screens are worth their weight in gold, which is why we've equipped our Gentor privacy screens with everything you need. From the design to the material to the features, Gentor PVC privacy screen demonstrates absolute mastery on every level. For this reason, you can use the pvc privacy strips for privacy garden, balcony privacy, privacy patio, fence privacy and many more areas.

Buy pvc privacy strips at Gentor

Redesign your outdoor space thanks to the privacy screen Gentor PVC strips and enjoy your privacy to the fullest. Convince yourself of the practicality as well as quality of Gentor privacy screens. If you have any questions or other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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