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Gentor garden hose buy online

Gentor is a brand that stands for high quality products in the field of garden, outdoor and travel. The Gentor garden hose is no exception and offers numerous advantages over other hoses on the market. So if you are after a quality addition to your garden arsenal, then Gentor garden hose is the best choice.

Effortless watering with Gentor

Extra efficient watering is guaranteed with the Gentor water hose garten. The integrated multifunctional shower was designed specifically for the garden hose flexible. It offers you 10 functions with which you will cope with any situation. Use the garden hose garden easily for cleaning sidewalks, tarassen, cars or even watering your plants. When buying Gentor garden hose, you are not limited in any way.

Easy handling

Due to the self-retracting material of the Gentor garden hose, you do not have to worry about rolling up the garden hose and knots. If you store the garden hose water hose on a garden hose reel, you can rewind it garden hose in no time.

With 1/2 inch & 3/4 inch adapter

No need to buy garden hose adapters. Use the 1 2 inch garden hose and 3/4 inch garden hose adapter that is included. With these, you can easily connect your water hose garten to various garden faucets. So don't worry about compatibility and just make sure your garden faucet is 1/2 inch or even 3/4 inch compatible.

Buy garden hose flexible cheap

Do not hesitate any longer and deal with buy garden hose now. Convince yourself of its quality and order today. For questions and further concerns, we are of course available and happy to help you.

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