Buy flexible garden hose GENTOR cheap online

GENTOR garden hose water hose with multifunctional shower

The Gentor garden hose is suitable for use in the garden, cleaning or many other situations around your home. With the multiple functions of the shower and the special features of the garden hose flexible, it is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality. Learn more about the GENTOR flexible garden hose water hose here.

With shower & hose adapter

The Gentor garden hose is equipped with a multifunctional sprayer that allows for 10 different spray patterns. From a strong stream for cleaning garden furniture to a fine mist for watering delicate plants, the Gentor water hose sprayer offers a variety of settings for every need. To give you the flexibility to easily connect the Gentor garden hose, it comes with matching adapters. So you can connect and use garden hose 1 2 inch and garden hose 3/4 inch.

Compact garden hose flexible

Gentor garden hose flexible is very lightweight and easy to transport. After use, you can roll up the garden hose and store it easily. Even if you have limited storage space, you can reel up the garden hose and use a garden hose reel to store it. As you use the water hose garten, it will expand by about 3 times. This feature also helps to save space when storing the water hose 3/4 inch and water hose 1 2 inch.

Different variants available

The Gentor flexible garden hose is available in three different lengths: 2.5m, 5.5m and 8m. Extended, the water hose garten variants reach a length of 7.5m, 15m and 22.5m. With this selection, you have the opportunity to choose the perfect length for your garden. The material of the garden hose flexible allows you to easily expand the water hose garten during use. Afterwards, you can simply roll up the flexible garden hose water hose on a garden hose reel and store it.

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