car jack jack 3t buy

Car jack jack 3t buy online

Equip yourself with a reliable and high-quality car jack. Whether you need small repairs or larger tasks, such as changing a tire, the Gentor car jack 3t will help you in various situations. Convince yourself of the practical car jack 3t from Gentor and prepare yourself for all possible cases and matters.

Quality combined with expertise

We at Gentor have made it our business to offer high-quality equipment for do-it-yourselfers as well as for the workshop. Among this equipment is our Gentor hydraulic jack 3t. The car jack flat has been designed with sophisticated features and a sturdy base frame to free you from any worries while using it. Besides, you will get some useful accessories for your car jack jack 3t.

Jack for various vehicles

The special feature of the car jack 3t from Gentor is that it can be used for low vehicles with little clearance, as well as for high SUVs. This is thanks to the minimum lifting height of 75 mm and a maximum lifting height of 505 mm. You can thus use the car jack hydraulic for a range of different vehicles without having to incur more costs.

Designed for comfortable handling

To ensure that you don't have to go through a lot of trouble when lifting and lowering your vehicle with the Gentor car jack jack, the maneuvering jack has been equipped with a powerful double cylinder lifting system and 2 mobile casters. Not to mention the different attachments that make sill and lift pickup possible.

Buy car jack flat hydraulic cheaply

Contact us for any matters regarding our products. Our experts will attend to your questions, orders and concerns as soon as possible.

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