Buy car jack for SUV hydraulic

Buy car jack SUV cheap

If you are looking for a SUV car jack, then you should make the acquaintance of the Gentor car jack SUV at the latest now. We at Gentor offer you everything around workshop & garden. With the SUV car jack from Gentor you can lift loads of up to 3 tons to a maximum lifting height of up to 505 mm. This makes the Gentor SUV car jack an extremely useful addition to the equipment of any SUV owner.

SUV jack 3t

The Gentor SUV jack is designed for loads up to 3 tons. Especially for heavy vehicles, such as SUVs, it is recommended to buy an SUV car jack. With it, you can perform small repairs yourself. Of course, you can also use the SUV car jack 3t for larger matters, such as changing tires. Take into account the current weight of your vehicle and make sure that the SUV car jack from Gentor is suitable for it.

SUV jack 505 mm

The maximum lifting height of the Gentor SUV jack is 505 mm. This allows you to lift most SUVs without any problems. Usually, a maximum lifting height of 450 mm is sufficient for an SUV car jack. So with the SUV car jack 505 mm from Gentor, you are on the safe side and can work on your vehicle in a relaxed way without worrying.

SUV car jack with rollers

To ensure comfortable handling of the SUV car jack, it was equipped with 2 swivel casters and 2 casters. With these, you can quickly and easily move the SUV car jack to the desired location. The rubber grip on the lifting rod as well as the rubber plate for sill and lift pick-up are ingenious extras that are especially useful for the workshop.

Buy SUV car jack cheap online

Contact us with any questions or thanks and we will help you in the best possible way. Order SUV car jack 3t 505 mm cheap online here and pay safely.

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