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The Gentor car jack 3t is not only equipped with various functions and practical features, but also available at an extremely attractive price. So if you want to buy a car jack, then you should get acquainted with the Gentor jack flat, because it offers you everything that a maneuvering jack must have and more.

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One concern many car enthusiasts have is that the jack may not fit under the car. With Gentor's flat car jack, you don't have to worry about that because it can be used from a minimum height of 75mm. So you can use the car jack hydraulic even on cars with little clearance and perform the work that is in demand.

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The special feature of the car jack workshop from Gentor is that it can be used not only for flat vehicles, but equally for high SUVs. This is ensured by the maximum lifting height of 505 mm. So you can use the car jack 3t for low cars and at the same time as an SUV jack. Buy car jack now for various types of vehicles.

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Among the significant features of Gentor car jack workshop is the double cylinder hydraulic system, which is responsible for lifting and lowering your vehicle. With little effort, you can use the car jack hydraulically for loads up to 3 tons. To ensure safety, the car jack 3t was equipped with a large rubberized bearing surface that prevents slipping.

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Choose Gentor's maneuvering car jacks and equip yourself for all emergencies as well as work. Buy hydraulic car jack now cheap in online store

The jack is attached to the vehicle at the designated attachment points. These can be found in the operating instructions of your motor vehicle. When setting up the jack, make sure that you only lift the vehicle at the points to avoid damage to the bodywork.
In Germany, the jack is not part of the mandatory equipment for vehicle owners. Nevertheless, a jack hydraulic is an extremely useful tool that can help you with small repairs or even when changing tires. With a car jack flat you are less dependent and can also help yourself.
Before lifting a car with a jack, make sure the vehicle is on a level surface and the parking brake is engaged. You place the jack hydraulically at the pick-up points on the underside and then pump your vehicle to the desired height using the handles.

SUVs usually have a higher ground clearance than conventional passenger cars. In most cases, a maximum lifting height of 450 mm is sufficient to use an SUV car jack. The Gentor SUV car jack has a maximum lifting height of 505 mm, making it suitable for most SUVs.Rich Text Content

A hydraulic jack uses fluid pressure to lift the vehicle. By using the Gentor jack flat double cylinder lifting system, you can lift your vehicle up to 505mm without much force and then lower it slowly.
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