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A reliable car jack should be part of every home owner's equipment. The 3t car jack allows you to lift your vehicles and is also easy to use. So if you're looking for an addition to your equipment, then you should definitely check out the Gentor car jack hydraulic. With the car jack 3t, you will be well prepared for small and big jobs as well as emergencies.

Flat car jack for all cases

The Gentor car jack 3t can be used from a height of 75 mm. This makes the hydraulic car jack suitable even for low vehicles with little clearance. With the help of the car jack workshop, you can raise your car up to 505 mm and thus create sufficient space for work of any kind. Simply push car jack flat underneath at the designated place and lift in no time without much force.

Operate car jack without much force

Since the jack 3t was equipped with double cylinder hydraulics, it is exceedingly easy to operate. With a few movements, you bring your car to the desired height and can immediately start your tasks. The same goes for lowering the car jack hydraulically, which is also made easier for you by the Quicklift double-cylinder system.

Practical functions integrated

In total, you can lift up to 3 tons with the car jack flat. Before you do this, you need to put the jack 3t in the right place. The 2 swivel casters and 2 casters make it easier for you to operate the maneuvering jack and quickly adjust the position. In addition, the car jack workshop has a large rubberized load plate, on which your car is safe. Not to mention, the practical carrying surface for small parts is extremely useful when working.

Buy car jack online now

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly. Our professionals will take care of your concern as soon as possible.

Gentor car jack maneuvering jack is the perfect addition to the equipment of any car owner. With the car jack flat from Gentor you can lift your cars weighing up to 3 tons up to 505 mm. Minimum height of only 75 mm required.
The minimum height required varies from car to car. SUVs often have a higher ground clearance than conventional cars. With the Gentor car jack 3t you can lift your SUV up to 505 mm. For most SUVs, a maximum lift height of 450 mm is sufficient.
Gentor car jack convinces both regular car and workshop owners. A car jack 3t allows you to work and work on your car. In the process, the double-cylinder hydraulics of the car jack flat ensures effortless lifting up to 505 mm. Convince yourself of the reliable car jack workshop best.
The choice of the right car jack depends mainly on the weight of the vehicle and also the given ground clearance of the vehicle. Since the car jack 3t from Gentor can be used from a height of 75 mm and lift up to 3 tons, it is suitable for most cars and as an SUV car jack.
Gentor car jack is a hydraulic maneuvering jack. A maneuvering jack is equipped with rollers that allow the jack to be moved easily. The hydraulic double cylinder system allows lifting up to 3 tons of weight to a maximum height of 505 mm without much effort.
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