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Power generator for home or business

A reliable power generator gasoline is an ingenious addition, especially in the winter time, for private households as well as for companies that want to provide for power failures. Instead of facing the conditions as well as the challenges of this winter unprepared, you too should equip yourself with a GENTOR emergency power generator gasoline to have power at all times no matter what.

Should you own an emergency generator?

Even the federal government is currently advising companies to buy power generators. This is due to the delicate situation surrounding the oil and gas supply in Germany. So if you don't want to go into the winter season unprepared, you should definitely consider purchasing a decent emergency generator. Even if you won't be using it for a while, you'll be prepared for emergencies.

Which generator for home?

When choosing a power generator, you should consider, among other things, the operating time, continuous power, fuel and noise level. These criteria are especially crucial for a power generator that will be used at home. For example, we recommend the GENTOR 2200D Watt power generator gasoline, which has an operating time of 13 hours with a full tank.

Can I run the heater from an emergency generator?

Provided that the emergency generator gasoline has been correctly prepared, adjusted and fed, you can operate your heater in an emergency with the help of the power generator. In this case, make sure that the power generator works evenly and that it is properly fused, observing the specified power ratings.

Buy online power generator now

In our online store we offer various power generator models at a fair price. Just look around for the right model and equip your home or business with a powerful emergency generator.

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