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2022-11-10 21:43:00 /

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Our GENTOR power generator is a sophisticated as well as qualitative product that has a long development period behind it. If you are looking for a power generator or still weighing the decision of buying a power generator, you should definitely read through this post.

How big does an emergency generator need to be for a family home ?

The GENTOR power generator delivers 2200 watts of maximum power as well as 2000 watts of continuous power and is sufficient to bridge power outages, for example. Use the power generator gasoline to run your usual household appliances.

Which generator to use in case of power failure ?

With the help of the GENTOR emergency power generator you can supply various devices with power and that with a full tank for up to 11 hours. The power generator gasoline is the perfect solution for any household that wants to prepare for possible power outages.

For whom is an emergency generator worthwhile ?

A mobile emergency generator is the rescue in case of need and is not only suitable for companies. The generator is also useful in private households, because it can be used, for example, during power outages, when working in the garden or even when camping.

What kind of emergency generator is worthwhile ?

When selecting a power generator, consider how much power is to be provided. The GENTOR generator provides you with a maximum power of 2200 watts as well as a continuous power of 2000 watts and offers 2x230V sockets.

How long can an emergency generator run ?

With a full tank of the generator, you can expect it to run for about 11 hours at half load. This will handle most unexpected situations or outdoor work.

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