Federal government recommends: buy power generator

2022-12-19 17:42:00 /

Buy emergency generators federal government recommendation

Due to a possible shortage of gas and electricity, the federal government recommends that companies equip themselves with emergency generators. This is said to be especially advisable for those companies that are part of the critical infrastructure.

Which emergency generator is recommended?

With the help of GENTOR emergency power generator gasoline you can equip yourself for power failures and take precautions, because in case of emergency you are well protected with our GENTOR emergency power generator gasoline. With a full tank, our power generator offers you an operating time of approx. 13 hours, during which you can use 2200 watts of continuous power.

How powerful does an emergency generator need to be for a family home?

You should pay attention to the power first of all when buying your power generator gasoline. In any case, equip yourself with an emergency generator that provides a continuous power of at least 2000 watts. This will allow you to bridge power outages and similar situations, for example.

Does it make sense to buy an emergency generator?

In order to be prepared for possible power outages, the Traffic Light Coalition advises companies to purchase emergency power generators. Also equip yourself with a powerful power generator and prepare for the challenges we may face this winter. With us you will find various emergency generators gasoline at a fair price.

Order emergency generators online now

Find the right power generator gasoline in our online store and prepare for all emergencies.

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