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Garden hose water hose from GENTOR buy online

If you are looking for a flexible garden hose that is easy to store and use, then you should try the GENTOR water hose garten. This is equipped with a variety of features and is one of the best options on the garden hose water hose market.

Garden hose flexible for all occasions

The garden hose is not only flexible, but also self-retracting, which makes it the ideal companion for any gardening enthusiast. Thanks to the 3-fold latex core and the high-quality polyester surface, the flexible garden hose can withstand a water pressure of up to 30 bar. It also expands up to three times under water pressure, making it easier for you to water larger areas. By simply rolling up the garden hose, you don't necessarily have to use a garden hose reel.

Garden hose with shower

With the garden hose multifunctional sprayer, which is equipped with 10 different functions, you can easily and quickly adjust the water flow. The Adjustable Nozzle System allows you to easily adjust the water hose garten flow rate, so you always get the right amount of water you need. This allows you to adjust the flexible water hose to fit your situation.

Garden hose 1/2 inch & garden hose 3/4 inch

The plug-in system of the water hose garten flexible is easy to use and allows you to connect the garden hose 1/2 inch as well as garden hose 3/4 inch within minutes. The adapter 1/2 inch and adapter 3/4 inch fits any standard threaded faucet, so you can quickly put your water hose 1/2 inch or even water hose 3/4 inch into operation.

Garden hose wall bracket included

In addition to the garden hose flexible, you will also receive a wall bracket that allows you to easily mount and place the water hose garten. If you do not want to attach it, you can also use the included carrying bag to easily store the water hose garten. This only expands when water pressure is applied, so it is really compact when not in use and can be stored to save space. For this, of course, you can also use a garden hose reel.

Best garden hose water hose buy cheap

In summary, the Gentor garden hose water hose is the perfect companion for every garden and property owner. With its variety of features and sturdy construction, it is not only flexible but also durable. The self-retracting material and simple plug-in system make it easy to use and store. Whether you want to water a small area or a large area, Gentor water hose garden is the ideal choice.

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