Garden hose flexible for your garden

GENTOR garden hose flexible water hose

Gentor garden hose water hose is the ultimate companion for every hobby gardener as well as homeowner. It has numerous features and most importantly, a sturdy construction that makes it a perfect companion for any species. Whether you need to water plants, clean the car or perform anything else, Gentor garden hose flexible is the best choice.

Suitable for your faucet

The Gentor garden hose water hose comes with convenient adapters that make it possible to connect to various faucets. So you can use the Gentor water hose for garden hose 1 2 inch and garden hose 3/4 inch. Quick and easy installation ensures that you can start using the garden hose flexibly right away.

Special material

Thanks to the self-retracting material and the simple plug-in system, the Gentor garden hose flexible is always quickly stored and ready for use. The space-saving storage ensures that it is always at hand when you need it. Finally, after use, you can roll up the Gentor garden hose and use a garden hose reel for this purpose, for example.

Multifunction shower included

The Gentor garden hose multifunction shower with 10 different settings makes the Gentor water hose flexible all-rounder. Whether gentle flowers or powerful jet for cleaning terraces, with the Gentor garden hose multifunction shower you are well equipped for every case. Just try out the different modes of the Gentor garden hose water hose and see for yourself.

Various lengths available

The Gentor garden hose flexible is available in three different lengths: about 2.5m, about 5.5m and about 8m. Due to the special material, the hose expands up to 3x under water pressure, which means an extreme ease of work with the water hose. The low dead weight additionally ensures comfortable handling of the Gentor garden hose flexible.

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